Autumn was in full swing, painting the estate with those perfect golden hues that just scream romance. And everyone was on point, including me. I do love it when I nail the brief! The leaves were a vibrant mix of reds, oranges, and yellows, complementing the stunning floral arrangements by the ever-talented Arranged By Claire. She truly outdid herself, matching the seasonal colours with blooms that brought an extra pop to the already picturesque venue.

Besides introducing me to James and Reis, the team at Pop Up Event Co handled the styling and planning, and let me tell you, it was like walking into a dream. Every detail was meticulously thought out, making the whole event flow seamlessly and look absolutely gorgeous.

James and Reis made their grand entrance in a sleek Range Rover, courtesy of the Private Property owner. Classic move, but with a hilarious twist. Heads up, quite literally, as the car’s design made it look like they were rolling in headless. Talk about breaking the ice before the ceremony even kicked off!

As they strolled down the aisle hand in hand, you could practically feel the love and excitement crackling in the air. Hugging everyone in their path, making them feel like they were part of their special journey from the very beginning. It was such a heartfelt moment, one that set the tone for the rest of the day.

The ceremony was a rollercoaster of emotions, in the best way possible. We had our heartfelt moments, especially when remembering Reis’ brother. But then laughter would hit out of nowhere, reminding us that even in the heavy moments, there’s always room for light and joy.

James’ vows were something else. In true James fashion, he read them with a theatrical flair that had everyone laughing and tearing up at the same time. It was so authentically him – a perfect mix of humour and deep emotion. You could see how much effort and love he put into every word.

As we celebrated their union, I couldn’t help but feel honoured to be part of such an incredible day. James and Reis have a special kind of love that’s infectious and inspiring. Here’s to many more adventures and a lifetime of happiness for these two wonderful souls.

Issac from Rawn and Pallow Photography captured the essence of James and Reis, finding out that they actually used to work together moons ago, it made it all the more intimate and fun having him with them for their special day.

Big love to James and Reis for their sweet words:

“Jess made getting married so stress free and so fun! Jess took the time to get to know us, listened to exactly what we wanted and even gave us advice on things we hadn’t thought about. All of our guests said Jess was the best celebrant they’d had at a wedding, the ceremony was light hearted and full of love and fun. Thank you for making our special day so enjoyable. Reis and James x”

Until next time, keep love alive and cherish every moment!