It’s time to find your celebrant, you know, the one who makes sure your wedding is actually officiated…and besides what you see us do on the day, like playing tunes like a DJ, the dress fluffer, party starter, and nerve settler, here are some other burning questions you may have about how we pull it all together, so you can make the best decision about which celebrant you want to work with.

What does a Celebrant do?

Well the most important is, I legally marry you!

But the bts bits includes: answering your queries, meeting or talking as much as needed, accepting the Notice of Intent to Marry a month prior, crafting a personalised ceremony by diving into your love story, writing a unique and entertaining ceremony script, assisting with vow writing, optional rehearsal to ease any pre-wedding jitters, signing legal paperwork, pre-wedding check-ins and set-up, welcoming guests, snapping a selfie with you, handling all the legal registration, and ordering your Official Marriage Certificate. Then poof! I vanish into thin air, leaving you two happily married.

How much will it cost me?

Celebrant costs range, some do it as a hobby for friends and fam, some (like me) do it as a full-time gig.

It also depends on what kind of ceremony you want. Is it just the bare minimum legals, an elopement or a wedding? The price takes into account how much time and effort I put into my ceremonies, but my experience too.

Having officiated more than 250 weddings and counting, I typically limit my bookings to an average of 60 per year. This allows me to dedicate my full time and energy to each wedding I take on.

What if I'm interstate?

No problem! If we can’t meet in person at least 1 month prior of your wedding date to sign the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form, you can have this witnessed by your local JP, doctor, lawyer, or police officer. Please note a pharmacist is not an acceptable witness.

NB: As long as you send me the signed and witnessed NOIM at least 1 month prior to your wedding, we are good as gold.

Can you suggest other vendors?

Definitely! Your celebrant is your wedding wing-person. I have worked with so many amazing vendors, and coordinated many weddings and events, so can offer advice and assistance every step of the way.

What's the legal requirements?

In Australia, the legal requirements for marriage are relatively simple. Before the wedding, couples must complete the Notice of Intended Marriage form at least one month prior (but no more than 18 months beforehand). They must also provide identity documents and, if applicable, evidence of previous marriages.

On the wedding day, both partners and 2 witnesses (who can be anyone over the age of 18), must be sober and capable of understanding the ceremony. During the ceremony, specific legal words must be said, including the celebrant’s identification, the Monitum, and vows from each partner. After the ceremony, the couple, witnesses, and celebrant sign marriage paperwork, with one copy retained by the couple and the rest sent to Births Deaths and Marriages.

Post-wedding, there are no legal obligations regarding name changes or certificate applications, though individuals may choose to pursue these if desired.

I also provide a handy checklist if you decide to go down that path.

What type of ID do I need to provide?

In preparation for completing the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form, I’ll need to see the following documents at the first meeting or prior to your wedding day:

  • Original birth certificate or birth extract with date and place of birth, along with current photo ID (e.g., driver’s license) or an Australian or international passport that shows date and place of birth.
  • If unable to obtain a birth certificate, a Commonwealth statutory declaration stating the reasons, and support will be provided for this process.
  • Change of name certificate if applicable.
  • Original death certificate for widows/widowers from a previous marriage.
  • Divorce certificate or decree absolute if either party was previously married, to be provided before the marriage date.
  • Court order and parental/guardian consent for parties under 18 intending to marry.

How far will you travel?

I personally travel up to 100KMs from my home base in Tweed Heads.

So that’s like up to Brissy, down to Lismore, and all the spots in between.

Anything further than that and we can chat about your specific location and I can quote you accordingly.

When should I book my Celebrant?

It’s never too early to secure your dream celebrant! Aim to book at least 6-12 months in advance, especially for popular wedding seasons. But hey, if you’re spontaneous, reach out – I might just have your date available!

What happens if you're sick?

Never fear! I have an amazing and like minded group of cele-buddies up my sleeve so can reach out to them if something happens to me before, or on the day.

How long does a wedding take?

The long and short of it is – between 15-25 mins, and that’s including the time you walk down the aisle, to getting confetti tossed in your face! Just kidding…

And to explain: My ceremonies vary depending on how personalised it is. If you’re keen on including readings, rituals, witness raffles or have written a two-pager of vows, expect a few extra minutes. Anything too short might leave out important elements, while anything too long and we risk losing your guests’ focus. Plus, if you’re having it out in the sun, people get hot and thirsty real quick!

Can you co-pilot?

YES! As many of us wedding vendors say, ‘your day, your way!‘ As long as I’m there to perform the legal aspects, you can have someone special to you write the crux of the ceremony. I like to collaborate to create a ceremony that’s uniquely yours. While I’m happy to co-pilot with your special someone, I bring professional expertise and extensive knowledge to the table. We can sit down together to work through the details, ensuring every aspect aligns with your vision.

Do you help write my vows?

Sure can! I know how tough it is to start from a blank page. That’s why I’ve put together a little vow guide that you’ll get in your personalised online portal. It has a few things to think about, and heaps of examples and one liners you can borrow.

My other hot tip is, finish answering your couples questionnaire, and you have vow gold literally waiting to be tapped into. And even though I’ll never tell you to change your vows, I will let you both know if your vows match each other in length and style.

Oh and once you upload them to your portal (or send them to me however you like), I’ll print them and hand them over at just the right moment on the day.

Also, just a friendly reminder – we’re all about vows, not vowels! So let’s make sure we’re promising forever, not conjugating verbs!

Can we use your PA for ceremony music?

Of course! I have the very portable and very loud BOSE S1 Pro. It’s battery operated so I don’t need power and if you have a videographer, they are more than welcome to plug in to get crystal sound.

For smaller weddings that don’t require a mic, I’ll bring my Megaboom portable speaker and play the music that way. It’s still loud and clear but not as in your face for an intimate affair.

In your ‘wedding details’ form, add your three song selections (aisle, signing, recessional) and I’ll download them onto a Spotify playlist along with some pre-ceremony tunes to get the wedding day vibes going the minute your guests arrive.

NB: If the songs aren’t available on Spotify, just send them via MP3 and I’ll play it that way.

Do you like dogs if we include our furbaby?


I love dogs and have a big, bouncy goldie called Sunny who is literally our third child.

I always go with the flow, so if that’s to have your furry friend with you, I’m here for it!

Jess was amazing since the day we met her right to the end of our wedding! She made the process super simple, had everything organised in a portal and was really approachable!
Jess has the best personality, is really calm, professional with a twist of fun! She absolutely made our ceremony and would 100% recommend! If you want someone who is young, fun but also onto every aspect of massage, Jess is your lady!

Lauren & Dane

Photo by: Graeme Passmore Photography