A classic wedding ceremony with PERSONALITY

This package encompasses all the essentials of a classic wedding but with a modern twist.
Your ceremony is a unique creation, tailored exclusively to you and your love story that exceeds the conventional. Whether it’s all about celebrating love or a blend of the journey, the destination and all the laughs in between, every celebration is as distinct as the couple it honours.

I’ll handle the legal paperwork and provide a commemorative certificate on your wedding day. You’ll also get access to a personalised ceremony planning portal, including help writing your vows.

We can talk as much or as little as you like before the big day, but I always try and make our first meeting a good long one so we can just chill and get to know each other. I want to nail every detail, calm your every nerve and pump you up for what’s about to unfold!

Plus I’ll rock up an hour early on the day to set the vibe, greet your guests, and hand over your printed vows when the time is right.

I throw in your Official Marriage Certificate application so it arrives on your doorstep a few weeks after the big day; there will be an email waiting for you at the end to help navigate through the name change journey and I travel up to 100KMs from my home base in Tweed is covered.

My ceremonies run for up to half an hour from go to whoa, so your guests aren’t sitting there too long, dying of thirst… or boredom.



SHORT & SWEET with all the trimmings

While the ‘Whole Shebang’ embraces your entire journey, the ‘Modest Marriage’ package still offers the warmth and personalisation of a full wedding ceremony but with a focus on the present and future, rather than delving deeply into your past.

It’s a choice for couples seeking a simpler yet meaningful way to celebrate their love, allowing a more concise script for your ceremony, while still ensuring a heartfelt and personalised experience for your special day.

Choose this package if you’re thinking along the lines of a Micro wedding.



Just YOU + ME

Elopements refer to a spontaneous and often secretive act where a couple decides to get married without the elaborate planning and traditional ceremonies associated with a typical wedding. It’s like a “runaway wedding,” where the focus is on the couple’s desire to privately and intimately exchange vows, often in a simple or impromptu setting.

We can go anywhere you like, and I have a few cute spots up my sleeve to recommend. But the beauty of it is, it’s just you, me and your VIPs.

I focus everything on your personal connection, the love you share and what you value in your future together. Forget the formalities, forget the guestlist, and let’s simply focus on you.

I’ll print your vows so you can keep them for the years ahead and if you’d like to include music, just add the ‘Bring the Bose’ option in my packages.



The bare MINIMUM

Your house or mine? Pub or park? Had the wedding celebrations OS or just looking to make your marriage official?
The Legals Only package is for you. Similar to a registry wedding, but you choose the spot, the witnesses and the time of day.

All we need is a meeting place, something to lean on and two witnesses to sign the paperwork and because I can’t help myself, I’ll still say a short little somethin’ somethin’ to make it special.

Excludes Friday/Saturday/Sunday afternoons.



REAFFIRM your love for each other

There’s no time like the present, so take this opportunity to celebrate the enduring love that has woven your story together. Leave behind the formalities and immerse yourselves in the joy of reaffirming your commitment. Call it a do-over wedding, bring the kids, bring anyone you like, however renewing your vows looks like to you, what is certain is that I will create a ceremony that encapsulates the strength of your bond, making this milestone uniquely yours.

Together we will hash out the logistics of the ceremony and either build or subtract elements that suit your style.
You’ll get a certificate to sign, and your vow cards will be a beautiful keepsake.


Images by: Wanderer In The Wild | Wild Creative Media